Optima Club —

A simple and convenient bonus program in which each Member receives bonuses when paying for accommodation services at the Optima Hotel Management participating in the program (list of participating hotels).
Received points can be exchanged for goods and services in our network and in the networks of Partners of the Club.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! The card can be used only until the check is closed.


The Club has maps of the three statuses:


10% of the amount of transforming into bonuses


15% of the amount of transforming into bonuses


20% of the amount of transforming into bonuses

How can I join the Club?


To form

Download the form or get rececie in one of the hotels participating in the program.


Fill out the form

Fill out a short questionnaire that You received.


Exchange at the reception

Exchange your Completed form at the reception Desk of the hotel member's club card.

A club member may be a natural person aged 18 years

How to accumulate bonuses

Bonuses are credited to Your card when You pay for services of accommodation in hotels of participants in the program Optima Club. The amount of bonuses depends on the amount of payment and the status of Your card.



Upon receipt, the map status is set to "classic".



After accruing 1,000 bonuses - the status increases to the level of «Premium».



After charging 3,000 bonus status rises to the level of "Exclusive".

Raising the status of the card is based on accrual on the card of bonuses.

You can spend them and the system will still consider all previously accrued bonuses to get the next status.


  • A map can only its owner.
  • The bonus card is valid for 15 months after the last transaction. It is impossible to recover a canceled card.
  • Bonuses are awarded for accommodation, which includes accommodation, early check in / late check-out additional space.
  • Bonuses are awarded in the amount of the payment excluding tourist tax.
  • Bonuses are credited only if you pay in person (cash / bank card) .
  • Bonuses are awarded when you pay for accommodation in Optima Hotel Group at the basic rate (basic rate).
  • Bonuses are not credited if the payment is made from a legal entity (cash / bank card / cashless payment).
  • Bonuses are not charged if the accommodation is provided with a discount or promotional rate applied discount.
  • Bonuses are not charged when paying bonuses.
  • Bonuses are not awarded when booking via ADSL or GDS systems (Expedia, etc.), as well as through travel agents and tour operators. Bonuses are credited to the Participant's card only when booking through the website or Optima Club booking department.
  • Guest can receive bonuses only for the room in which lives or has lived. The exception may be only the children of guest under 18 years of age, which paid for a second room.
  • To receive the bonus prerequisite is the presence of the card and transfer it to our employee in order to process accruals.
  • During the New Year period (from 12.30.2023 to 01.09.2024) - card will only apply to the calculation of bonuses, bonuses will not be accrued (including for prepayment of accommodation during the New Year period).

How to check the number of bonuses


You accumulated a number of bonuses you can check personal account on the website or by phone: 0 800 304 500

How to use bonuses

One bonus equal to one hryvnia. When paying You will need to present Your card, and it will be deducted the number of points corresponding to the payment amount.

  • To calculate a map of Optima Club, a prerequisite is the presence of the card and transfer it to our employee in order to process the cancellation of bonuses.
  • Bonuses are available to use immediately after its accrual.
  • Partial payment with bonuses is possible only for accommodation. It is not possible to partially pay for items in the restaurant receipt.
  • Bonuses can be paid to any service of hotel or restaurant with the exception of tourist tax, excise goods (alcoholic drinks) and complex sentences (a business lunch).
  • When paying bonuses a fiscal receipt is not issued, the only available information check.
  • A map can only its owner.
  • Bonuses can be used to buy goods/services of the hotel and the restaurant, except:
    • excisable goods (alcohol, tobacco)
    • tourism tax
    • set menus (business lunch, children's menu)
    • souvenir products
    • property damage
    • transfer
    • room service

Hotels participating in the program

Hotels where there is a bonus program "Optima Club"

Business hotels:


Travel hotels:


Hotels exceptions:


Optima Club card is not valid in restaurants:

  • Ranch Grill Bar
  • Restaurant "Alpine"
  • Czech-German pub Život A Pivo (Zhytomyr, Chernihiv)
  • Cafe of Georgian cuisine "Stumari" (Zaporozhye, Lviv, Kherson, Rivne)
  • Restaurant Aurora
  • Restaurant "Fountain"
  • Cafe-bar "Bordeaux"
  • GastroBar "People"
  • Restaurant "Stargorod"
  • Scandinavian cafe Fika (Sumy, Cherkasy, Chernihiv)
  • Restaurant "Provence"
  • Cafe Terrace, Chalet